Research Projects

We hope our efforts will make Waimea Valley the model of how to incorporate the conservation of natural and cultural resources by fusing modern and ancient concepts. By using and promoting the use of alternative energy sources, we will conserve economic and environmental resources. In creating and sustaining partnerships with like-minded organizations, we will be part of a local movement of proper stewardship. Some of our past and current research projects happening at Waimea  Valley: 

In 2008 Waimea Arboretum Foundation in partnership with Hiipaka LLC received an Honored Institution Award for our participation in faithfully providing NOAA daily weather readings for 25 years! The daily readings submitted online to NOAA are the maximum, minimum & current temperatures, and 24-hour precipitation. Based on these data recorded, we are able to observe rainfall patterns and the weather at Waimea Valley since 1983! Initially, Waimea staff had to read mercury thermometers set in a secure wooden structure located next to the arboretum office. In 2018 NOAA switched to the Nimbus digital thermometer where we can read temperatures from inside our botanical office.

Waimea Environmental Data Resources

Waimea Weather Station Rainfall and Temperature Data

Waimea Stream Gauge Kamananui Str at Pupukea Mil Rd, Oahu, HI

Waimea Stream Gauge Kamananui Str at Maunawai, Oahu, HI

C-MĀIKI - Center for Microbiome Analysis through Island Knowledge and Investigation

Researchers from the University of Hawaii are studying the microbiome of the Waimea ahupua'a.

$2.5M for food-chain microbiome research could impact agriculture, biofuel systems | University of Hawaiʻi System News (

Hawaii VINE Project

Studying seed dispersal

Funded by the Department of Defense, Erika Dittmar

Testing viability of native and non-native digested seeds via pheasants

University of Wyoming, Sam Case, PhD candidate

'Ō'ōpu Research

Species survey and influence of invasive species on native Hawaiian 'Ō'ōpu (freshwater gobi fish)

Tulane University, Dr. Michael Blum

Leaf Litter Decomposition

University of Hawaii, Dr. Donald Drake

ʻŌhiʻa Succession

Studying Changes in ʻŌhiʻa over the years

University of Hawaii, Dr. Kasey Barton

Effects of Herbivory and Drought on Common Native Plants

University of Hawaii, Dr. Kasey Barton

Koa survivorship in dry land forest setting

University of Hawaii, Bradley Kauffman