'Alae 'Ula Bingo

     The 'Alae 'Ula Bingo activity uses Waimea Valley’s naturally abundant outdoor classroom as a place for children to discover and develop the skill of observation.

     Observation is the keystone in the foundation of a Hawaiian house of knowledge. From Observation, a child learns how to interact with its surroundings, record data, and create theory. The utilization of the senses gives a child a set of tools with which it can make personal observations of its environment. From making observations we hope to foster a healthy relationship with the youth and the 'āina.

     The ‘Alae ‘Ula is an endangered medium-sized waterbird with a population of between 200-300 individuals. They are a subspecies of “Gallinula galeta” having the trinomen “Gallinula galeta sandwicensis” . They bear resemblance to the larger ‘Alae Ke’oke’o, with a red dorsal shield and a yellow-tipped beak. They have unlobed toes and long yellowish legs with a red blush at the top. They have a dark grey body with darker heads and wings, with white undercoverts and “racing stripes” on the sides. The name ‘Alae ‘Ula refers to the red color of the bird's shield just above its beak.

'Alae 'Ula Bingo


  • 'Alae 'Ula video with Audio
  • Bingo card print out (3 different file options)
  • Something to write with or place tokens (marbles, rock, paper scraps)

To play 'Alae 'Ula Bingo

  1. Give each player a bingo card and one of the options to mark spaces
  2. Turn on the video and have participants use their senses to observe the 'Alae 'Ula in the video. As they observe the actions of the 'Alae 'Ula they can mark them on their cards.
  3. The first person to make a vertical or horizontal line can call bingo.