Dedicate a bench or garden

A special way to donate and help support Waimea Valley is through the dedication of a bench or garden.

A dedication bench or garden is a $10,000 donation.

For more information please email Richard Pezzulo or call (808)638-5851.

Dedication Bench

Your bench will be custom made by our staff from wood harvested in the Valley. We'll work with you to design a bench plaque, and determine the bench's location here in the Valley among our botanical gardens. Includes a dedication/memorial service, 4 lifetime passes for your 'ohana to visit the bench and a lifetime bench maintenance. 

Dedication Garden

Gardens are a beautiful, living way to honor a special individual or group. Any individual, group, family, or company may select and dedicate an existing garden at Waimea Valley. Our garden will be names and marled with custom plaque, developed in consultation with our botanical staff. Includes a dedication/memorial service, 4-lifetime passes for your 'ohana to visit the garden and lifetime garden maintenance.