5 Major Attractions and Things to Do In Oahu with Kids


Mar 1

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5 Major Attractions and Things to Do In Oahu with Kids

Where Is Oahu Island Found?

Oahu is a U.S. island in the Central Pacific, part of the Hawaiian island chain and home to the state capital, Honolulu. Highlights of the city include historic Chinatown and the Punchbowl, a crater-turned-cemetery. Waikiki is an iconic beach, dining and nightlife area. West of Honolulu is Pearl Harbor, site of the WWII’s 1941 bombing attack and home to the USS Arizona Memorial.

Oahu Beautiful Beaches

Location of Hawaii Island from USA

Facts about Oahu Island

Area: 1,545 km²

Elevation: 1,220 m

Population: 1,412, 690 (2020)

Highest elevation: 4,003 ft (1,220.1 m)

Hawaii Islands Map

Major Sights and Landmarks, Attractions, and Things You Can Do In Oahu With Kids

The following are the common attractions and things to do in Oahu with kids, and it is bound to be fun-filled.

1. Visit The North Shore

In the North Shore you will get a chance to eat shrimps from the numerous shrimp food trucks that is so fabulous. You have that snorkeling with the turtles which is free which is at sunset beach and Laniakea Beach where the turtles swim to the shoreline.

While in North Shore, visit the Tropical Farms of Hawaii on the Kamehameda and it will amaze you by how it is adorable.

2. The Byodo-In Temple

get a chance to walk through the temple grounds and around the lake, ring the temple’s bell, view the temple shop, spot the koi and the black swans swimming in the lake. As well as the viewing the mountains around the temple.

It is a trip worth your money and your time, especially, on the windward side of the island. The temple is built on beautiful grounds with a koi fish pond and peacocks that roam the temple grounds.

3. Don’t Forget The Wamea Valley

Enjoy the snack bar’s really tasty foods that have been sourced locally, as well as, the visiting peacocks and jungle fowls. From the seating area of the café, you will get a good chance to view them. While at it, take that beach drive and turn right at the 83rd drive up and the Waimea beach will be on your right.

A little distance is the Waimea valley too, it has tremendous vast botanical gadens, water falls, Thursday farmers market with unsurpassed beauty.

4. The Kailua Beach Park

Located closed to the washroom facilities, it comes with plenty of parking spaces at a convenient distance, and many shaded spots under the beach palms. It gives you plenty of room to sit and walk around and it isn’t congested.

Have that perfect chill session as you watch the kite surfers; enjoy the great warm atmosphere, as well as the Kalapawai market and shops in a walking distance.

5. Ko Olina Lagoons

Found in the Master planned resort Ko Olina, that is considered to be the second city. They are four man-made lagoons along the western part of the Oahu Island that provide protected swimming and snorkeling to tourists of all ages.

Pick some awesome beach shirts at the Hawaiian Fire Store, try the lagoons. Advantages include larger parking lots and a perfect chance to get one as you choose which lagoo nto swim at.

6. Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens

This garden is found and set in the background of the magnificent Koolan Mountains. It is an eye-gem that is perfect for camping as well as for catch and-release fishing using bamboo sticks that you can get at the visitor’s center.

Other sites you can try with the kids while in Oahu Island include;

¾ The Polynesian Center.

¾ Ka’ena Point State Park.

¾ Ko’Olina Beach Park.

¾ Waimanalo Beach.

¾ Nu’uanu Pali.

¾ Waimea Bay.

¾ Lanikai Bay.


The following are the common attractions and things to do in Oahu with kids, and it is bound to be fun-filled. The article got you covered!